Virtual Artist IA Sees Successful Solo Concert in Montreal

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  • Digital artist IA noticed over 2,500 attendees at their solo live performance in Montreal, Canada the opposite day. The live performance was offered out, seeing such reputation that extra tickets and seats needed to be added on the day.
  • IA has been acting at numerous places the world over, with Montreal being a turning level as their tenth metropolis. Their reputation is changing into extra widespread, with their efficiency at BILIBILI MARCO LINK in Taiwan reaching over 720,000 simultaneous views.
  • IA aren’t stopping there, both. Future performances embrace SUPER JAPAN EXPO CHILE on the seventh an eighth of October, and a live performance in Peru. As the primary digital artist from Japan to go worldwide, IA is unquestionably one to look out for.

IA & ONE / Reload & Into Starlight | SPECIAL AR LIVE SHOWCASE 【Trailer Film】

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